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Liam Wilson liamwilson93 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 12:58:58 GMT 2010

Well, say instead of a TV advert, we contributed our ideas to the Viral
Video's project or something similar to make a channel on youtube, or even
both, if we're lucky, we could touch on subjects such as Ubuntu hour, and
ways to help improve your first time experience with Ubuntu.

And I guess we could at least try contacting canonical or dell, or some
other company, to see what response we get.

On 1 February 2010 12:38, etali <etali at myth-games.com> wrote:

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> From: "Johnathon Tinsley" <kirrus at kirrus.co.uk>
> > Before we try to get new users into Ubuntu, shouldn't we try to retain
> > the people flicking in and out of Ubuntu now?
> >
> > There was discussion about supporting new users, with remote techy
> > support. Can we catch those who post "This is too hard, I'm going back
> > to windows" and try to retain more of them with a high-quality community
> > support mechanism?
> >
> I agree.
> I think the people who try Ubuntu (or Linux in general), have problems with
> it, and then rant about it to their friends have a lot of power in terms of
> persuading people to avoid Ubuntu.
> Advertising to new people will only work if a)those people haven't already
> heard bad things, and b)we can keep those people as users once they decide
> to download + install it.
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