[ubuntu-uk] no title bars on windows

Andy Braben andybraben at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 12:50:52 UTC 2010

I once had something similar on an old PC. However opening an application
would open top left only covering up the menu, without a title bar, stopping
you from opening another application.

A workaround on every boot was to open terminal first, type "sudo metacity
--replace" which would then realign terminal properly with a title bar under
the main menu. The permanent fix was to replace the old graphics card.

Not sure that you're experiencing exactly the same problem, but it might be
worth trying the command I used.


On 31 December 2010 12:25, Jacob Mansfield <cyberjacob at gmail.com> wrote:

> having recently uninstalled Plymouth (it was becoming annoying) I
> reboot only to discover that the title bars of all of my windows have
> dissapeared. I can open programs but not close, minimise or resize
> them.
> could plymouth have affected this and how do I get them back.
> screenshot: http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/5919/screenshoturx.png
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