[ubuntu-uk] Research Required

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 28 19:58:27 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-28 at 19:45 +0000, Nigel Verity wrote:
> I decided to create a system that would be as familiar to her as
> possible.
> I created desktop icons for the following basic applications:

Sorry about the silly post when I pressed the wrong button.  I really
like your approach.  Maybe we ought have a customised version similar to
that specifically for our purposes?  I wonder, would Canonical support
that approach in view of what we are doing?  I'm thinking that the
existing proposed desktop, especially with Unity, might not be best for
a Windows user.

A Windows familiar desktop would certainly help me in the way I work
promote Ubuntu.

My tagline here might need to be altered to YES exactly the same old
thing ....  folk don't like change ....
What do you see when you use your Computer? Same old thing?
...There IS a Better Way!  Ubuntu!

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