[ubuntu-uk] Mounting NAS

Graham Smith myotistwo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 10:41:27 GMT 2010

My notes from 2008! say to  mount my NAS by runnng this command

sudo mount -t cifs // <>
-o user=QNAP/username%password

BUT I am getting an error that media/public does not exist.

I assumed that this would create media/public, do I need to create this in
advance and indeed is this the best place to mount it.

And is that "%" correct

Additionally, my notes suggest that to mount it everytime I boot needs the
following added to  etc/fstab

// <>Public
/home/name/Server1 cifs username=adminz,password=

But I am now not sure what this means

Should I be adding

// <>Public
/home/media/public cifs username=username,password=

Many thanks,

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