[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu 10.10 panels very slow to launch on boot

Graham Smith myotistwo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 10:40:29 GMT 2010


Thanks for this.

If you don't have another machine handy you might be able to figure out
> what's going on using a tty on the same machine: once you get the login
> screen up switch to a tty (ctrl-alt-F1 for the first one) and login
> there, start top, switch back to the graphical login (ctrl-alt-F7) login
> and then in the gap waiting for the panels to appear switch back to the
> tty where top is running and see what the computer is doing.

Although, I do have a laptop SSH sounded a bit beyond me, so I had a go with
the tty option. However, the output from top didn't really mean much to me,
other than there didn't seem to be any specific pattern of something hanging
around for a long time.

BUT after timing the delay twice yesterday (it took exactly 60s after
hitting return on the password for the panel to appear both times) after
doing the tty exercise, the panel is appearing in 6s.

I have no shut down totally, and rebooted three times and its now 6-7s

That's a couple of weeks I have been plagued with this, and there has been
no known changes since booting yesterday and booting today, but it seems to
have fixed itself.

Thanks for everyones help.

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