[ubuntu-uk] What's the best...

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 16:32:12 GMT 2010

On 17 December 2010 15:55, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> Hullo!
> I'm installing a little Ubuntu server for home. (AMD 1.3GHz CPU, 1GB
> RAM, 160GB disk, low power, low noise)
> One of these things:-
> http://popey.me/dNBjHT
> (112 quid once you get the cash back)
> Anyway, I was thinking of making it a little "home office" server with
> a few roles (listed below). It's for play initially, imagine an office
> of 5 people or so, doing typical file etc sharing, but as it's in the
> home, maybe chuck a couple of fun things on there too.
> I have some idea what I'd use, but wonder what selections people would
> make, and maybe what additional things you'd do with such a box? I
> don't want to get into religious debates about which mail server is
> best, just what you'd choose and maybe why.
> I'm thinking of probably doing a very basic Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS
> install and trying to use packages from the repositories, but happy to
> use 3rd party repos, or PPAs, compiling from source is not an
> attractive proposition to me :)
> Mailserver:- Postfix
> Webmail:- Roundcube webmail
> File sharing:- SAMBA (with some config fu)
> Webcam monitor:- Webcam (part of xawtv)
> Media server (music/photo/video):- ???
> VOIP server:- ???

XMPP server:- Prosody :)
   Why: Local secure IM and chatrooms, with various fun features.

Caching APT proxy:- ???
   I haven't tried this, but given that I have bandwidth caps and
several Ubuntu PCs I'd probably look into this if I had a server
running 24/7.


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