[ubuntu-uk] A Document 'Signing' solution required

Dan Fish dan at fishms.org
Thu Dec 16 19:08:05 GMT 2010


I have a problem with work colleagues reading emails. When important
documents are circulated, invariably one of two things happens -

1) They deny receiving the email which I know is a load of rubbish
because I can track this very easily vie the postfix etc logs

and more irritatingly

2) Say they've read the email and document when they blatantly haven't!

I know you can request return receipts and what not, but these are
rarely returned in my opinion, and don't let you know if the content has
been red. Is anyone aware of an open source solution that will allow me to

1) 'Post' to a ?message board within the LAN that a document needs
reading by a group of staff
2) Allow them to digitally sign (via their login) that they have
actually read the document

I know alfresco is good for document collaboration and sharing etc, but
it's the digital signing bit that I'm really after


Dan Fish

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