[ubuntu-uk] Netbook suggestion for a 4 year old

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 14 10:08:51 GMT 2010

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 00:08:23 +0000
Bruno Girin <brunogirin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm currently looking for a cheap and cheerful netbook for a 4-year old.
> I want to install Edubuntu on it and set it up with all the relevant
> educational and fun software.
> On the hardware side, I'm happy to spend ~£200. Any suggestions welcome,
> bonus points if it comes in pink.
> On the software side, I've never tried Edubuntu so any suggestion in
> that area would be welcome. In particular, how to configure parental
> control, what additional software to install, etc.
I know a couple of people that are quite happy with their refurbished Acer One they got from here http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/
One friend ended up getting 4 in different colours so the family each know whos is whos.  I don’t think any of them run Edubuntu on the so don’t know if it 'just-works'.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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