[ubuntu-uk] Netbook suggestion for a 4 year old

Neil Wilson neil at whichwayisup.org
Tue Dec 14 08:34:50 GMT 2010

> On the software side, I've never tried Edubuntu so any suggestion in
> that area would be welcome. In particular, how to configure parental
> control, what additional software to install, etc.

I use OpenDNS in my broadband router and that then filters for all
machines at home.
The filtering is customisable and mean you don't end up slugging the
machine with some
local filter.

Although the machine could be moved and used on an unprotected network
at the age you
mentioned that is probably less likely.

You used to be a firefox add-on that did filtering by proxy and it was
possible to lock the
proxy via root.

The best protection though is education about being on-line, CEOPS
www.ceop.police.uk has more info.

w h i c h w a y i s u p

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