[ubuntu-uk] connecting to secure network in University

Timothy Rittman tim.rittman at doctors.org.uk
Fri Dec 10 23:44:51 GMT 2010

On 10/12/10 22:06, Graham Smith wrote:
> Patrick
>     there's a bug logged for this against Network Manager:
>     https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=632184
>     I believe this is the same issue you're encountering and in fact
>     it's the issue that I have with my company's WiFi and
>     certificates. The same certificate is used for 802.1X on the wired
>     network and this works, but it doesn't work on the WiFi which uses
>     WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.
> Thanks, in fact I now realise that I'm still on 10.04, but its an Asus 
> 901, which is the same netbook mentioned in the bug report, and it 
> seemed to start on 10.04. Hopefully, it is the same issue and that it 
> might be fixed with an update.
> The workaround is a bit beyond me :-(
> Graham
Hi Graham,

Are you by any chance trying to connect to an eduroam network? If so, 
you may find the instructions at this Cambridge university website 

If so, the certificate you need is located in 

This worked for me at Cambridge, but I'm not sure whether the same 
certificates are used at all universities with eduroam. Anyone know the 
answer to that?

Kind regards,

Tim *

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