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On Thu, 2010-12-09 at 22:37 +0000, alan c wrote:

> I never regretted paying what seemed to be fair price. However as my 
> confidence in the community grew, so did my ability to judge between 
> 'free' gratis and 'free' Free software offers.
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> alan cocks
> Ubuntu user

Very true, I've noticed that Windows users are very wary of 'free
downloads' - for this reason we distribute FOSS apps and Ubuntu
installation images on CDs or pre-loaded USB sticks to our end users. We
hand these out free at events but charge for mail-order CDs and always
for USB sticks as these are seriously too expensive to give away. 

To hand out a few dozen CDs at an event means that a couple of
volunteers have to spend an afternoon feeding CDs into a row of laptops
(we can't afford a pro burner - one of the Councils for Voluntary
Service offered to buy Fossbox one but the cuts kiboshed that), plus the
cost of the CDs, covers and labelling. We're a small non-profit, I can't
really cost per CD accurately, so we charge three quid per CD send out
in an SAE - people are happy to pay it because they don't trust their
own ability to get the right stuff by going online. We don't make a
profit on it, any money we make just goes towards keeping the non-profit
organisation going - if it were a purely commercial decision, I wouldn't
bother, not worth it. 

There's no restriction on charging for CDs, and we've talked about
asking for people to contribute to refreshments at our free sessions too
- same thing, in my view. 

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