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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Thu Dec 9 22:37:05 GMT 2010

On 09/12/10 18:41, Sean Miller wrote:
> The "spirit of Open Source" suggests that CDs/DVDs should be supplied "at
> cost", but what determines "cost" is open for debate.
> There is the media, of course... but there's also any documentation you
> choose to throw in, your time burning the CD and posting it etc.
> I don't think the fella on e-bay deserves any flames or whatever - he is
> doing nothing wrong, as far as I can see.

Some people are totally happy to pay for an item. In fact, the more it 
costs may add to more interest in perceived value.

I used to be a long time Windows user. My first venture into Linux 
happened to be with Suse. I was perfectly aware that it could be 
downloaded, but had never actually done this. My Windows world 
experience had taught me many things, including that personal 
downloads were somehow *tainted*. I very happily purchased a retail 
pack of Suse 9.0 for around 60 UK pounds from Amazon. I knew this 
included two paperback manuals, dvd of source code, and I think both 
live and install CDs. It *also* included 6 months telephone support. 
In the event very little of any of that was needed by me. I did call 
the phone line once or twice  but the support on the forums was equal 
and excellent.

I never regretted paying what seemed to be fair price. However as my 
confidence in the community grew, so did my ability to judge between 
'free' gratis and 'free' Free software offers.
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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