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> (Gloucestershire College) and our work will also find it's way onto the

Not being any time of media person, really, I can't usefully
contribute much. However, I suggest that learning how to spell and
punctuate the possessive "its" would be a big first step.

"It's" only EVER means "it is". "Belonging to it" is written "its" - a
possessive pronoun which takes no apostrophe, the same as the other
English possessive pronouns ending in "s": "his", "hers", "ours",
"theirs" and "yours". You wouldn't put an apostrophe in any of those,
would you? So why put one on "its"?

Don't be like Nivea or Magnum and circulate illiterate advertisements
in the national media. All I feel for those companies now is outright
contempt and disdain.

This may seem like cavilling, but in context, I think it's
particularly important.

As for adverts: well, the "selling points" I use are, in approximate
order of priority:
[1] it's immune to all viruses and spyware
[2] that it costs nothing & is entirely legitimate
[3] it comes with a huge selection of apps, all free too
[4] it can be used to bring an older computer back to life
[5] it reads and writes all Microsoft files and anything from any
Windows or Mac program.

Some of these are over-simplifications but they're worth it, I feel.

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