[ubuntu-uk] Shell script .....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 2 11:14:46 GMT 2010

Hi there ........

I wrote a little script for doing an rsync to a second hard drive.  It
goes like this:
rsync -r /home/barry /media/hda1/backups/barry_pc | tee >(zenity
--progress --pulsate --text="Backing up files ....") >backup_log.txt
killall zenity
zenity --info --text="Backup completed sucessfully"

This works fine if I run it from a terminal, but if I try to run it from
a desktop launcher or (preferred) run it as a startup program, it fails
to do anything - doesn't launch at all.  If the script is altered to:

rsync -r /home/barry /media/hda1/backups/barry_pc
zenity --info --text="Backup completed sucessfully"

It runs just the way I expect it to.  The thing is, I'd quite like a
notification to remind me that a backup is running automatically.  Any
thoughts on this?

Regards,		Barry.
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