[ubuntu-uk] Selling Joggler Wiki

Daniel Case danielcase10 at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 30 22:25:39 BST 2010

This is why I wanted to see if anyone here wanted it, I would rather it
stayed in one place where people may freely access it but I cannot support
or maintain it anymore.

I decided not to use flippa because it would be against everything the open
source community stands for if the buyer "sold" the information.

I know that everybody on this mailing list is a Ubuntu user so will be
behind the openness of the website and all that it stands for, I believe it
is a gem in the open source world and would not sell it to somebody who
would purely monetise the incoming traffic.

On 30 August 2010 21:27, Anton Piatek <anton at piatek.co.uk> wrote:

> Is there any chance of the data from the wiki being tarred up and released
> to the community? I suspect most of the people that added data there
> expected it to be freely available, and depending on who buys the domain
> this may not be the case.
> I for one would love to have a backup of the wiki whatever happens
> Anton
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