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Mon Aug 23 22:26:03 BST 2010

the partitions are being recognised using cfdisk<br><br>sudo cfdisk /dev/hd=
a<br><br>- assuming your laptop hard drive is at /dev/hda (hda is the first=
 ide hard drive)<br>
<br>2) Check for badblocks on the file system using a command called badblo=
cks.=A0 For example<br><br>sudo badblocks /dev/hda1 &gt; bad-blocks-first-h=
arddrive-partition.txt<br><br>- assuming hda1 is your root (/) partition<br=
<br>These two commands may give you some information as to if your hard dri=
ve is faulty.<br><br>Otherwise I guess it is a case of running the system l=
og viewer and seeing if there are a lot of errors being generated somewhere=
<br>gnome-system-log &amp;<br><br>Good luck.<br>-- <br>John Stevenson<br>Le=
an Agile Consultant / Coach<br><a href=3D""></=
a>=A0 |=A0 <a href=3D""></a>=


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