[ubuntu-uk] Is this the new battle ground - energy saving?

pmgazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 17:06:53 BST 2010

There's been some work to tune up Linux kernels to ensure they run as 
efficiently as possible - I think the bigger gains are in extending the 
life of computer equipment though.

As we all know, Ubuntu can run on anything up to 6 years old and you can 
re-use pretty much any old kit with an LTSP server. This could keep all 
the XP PCs/laptops and servers (which would otherwise need to be thrown 
out cos they can't run Windows 7) out of landfill for up to another 5 
years. If you look up the carbon footprint of manufacturing a new PC 
it'll make your hair stand on end so this is a serious contribution to 
the climate change agenda.

It can also run on the small form-factor servers, PCs and netbooks - 
and, of course, using the Atom lowers consumption significantly.


On 27/08/10 16:45, Tony Pursell wrote:
> Hi all
> I came across this:
> http://www.businessgreen.com/business-green/news/2268816/exclusive-microsoft-opens
> Is there any evidence of how Ubuntu performs in this respect?
> My own evidence is very anecdotal.  When I'm booted into XP, I get more
> 'hair dryer noise' (i.e when the fan speed is ramped up) than with
> Ubuntu.
> Tony
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