[ubuntu-uk] Fed-up with VMWare!

Jim Price d1version at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 15:41:23 BST 2010

On 27/08/10 07:43, Cornelius Mostert wrote:
> Hi all.
> Just to let you know I am FED-UP with VMWare - Server!!
> I have been wrestling with it on Ubuntu and other distros for TOOOOO long
> now!!
> The latest is just the final straw!!
> I have redone my PC to have 10.4 on and loaded VMServer on (with all the
> patches!! I found on the internte to get it installed), but then the Console
> could not be used to open VMs and had to use RDC / VNC etc.
> I have followed numerous "fixes" but none seem to work:
> Downgrade Firefox from 3.6.xx to 3.5.xx did not work
> Extracting and installing the remote console separately did not work
> ETC.
> And then with every new version of FF or Linux kernals / headers you have to
> hope and pray all will reconfigure!!!
> Now I am switching to VirtualBox! Hopefully this will provide a solution, I
> am a GUI person so KVM is still a bit too much for me if you have to every
> time make use of a CLI, I guess there are GUIs for it but VirtualBox seems
> to be easy enough to not take too much time of my daily routine.
> The big box still run ESXi though...

I've been using Virtualbox since Hardy came out, as it is pretty slick 
and mostly pain free, but I took another look at qemu-kvm after the 
recent announcement from Oracle, and armed with a little foreknowledge, 
I feel happy I could switch to kvm without losing very much, if 
anything. There is a gui for creating and managing VMs (virt-manager), 
and I tend to want to know how to do everything I do in Virtualbox from 
the command line anyway so it can be automated if necessary. I thought 
it was going to be a big job to get it working, but all I had to do in 
Lucid was install a few packages, add a few lines to the network config 
and remove Virtualbox.


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