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Mon Aug 23 22:26:03 BST 2010

ack of a<br>
classroom working on the school server!!) it seems to be more the computer =
of Business Studies than anything to do with the computers themselves. I<br=
mentioned Alan Turing to an IT teacher once and they didn&#39;t bat an eyel=
id that<br>
it was a name they&#39;d heard or should have heard!<br>
Mind you, there must have been a fairly short period of proper IT education=
Back when I was doing Computer Studies (as it was called) O Level - none of=
this new fangled GCSE stuff ;) - the teachers were learning only about a we=
ahead of what they were teaching. There were a couple of us in the class th=
knew far more on the practical side of things (not so much the history) and=
kept being roped in to help out since we&#39;d done the work and they could=
provide anything more because they hadn&#39;t learnt it yet! The fact that<=
initially we only had one CBM Pet, and by the time I left that thad only gr=
to 2 CBM Pets and 3 BBC Micros (2 Mod A and one Mod B iirc) didn&#39;t help=
although coding on paper first did add some discipline. Thankfully they wer=
pretty short programs, although my project failed to compile because I coul=
load it as the same time as the compiler in my 48k Spectrum - not that it<b=
needed to thankfully.<br>
I often say that if it wasn&#39;t for Linux I would no longer have any inte=
rest in<br>
computers. There&#39;s a massive amount of potential in education to make u=
se of<br>
the flexibility and openness of Linux.<br>
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