[ubuntu-uk] (Marketing) Royal Society asks you - why IT is boring?

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Thu Aug 26 07:16:54 BST 2010

Personally, I think that half the reason people find computers boring
these days is that there isn't the "mystique" about them that there
was when I was growing up (the 80s)... you had a BBC Micro, your mate
had a Commodore 64... you argued about which was the better computer
and you programmed small apps "just to prove you could"... you bought
magazines with pages of code to type in to make a little cursor go
along the bottom of the screen with strange pixellated things at top
that were supposedly aliens... which, of course, would normally crash
somewhere along the way  "Syntax error at line 34"... ah, the joy!!

Now computers are "out of the box", I don't think people "have the
fire" for programming them - they're more interested in just using
them...  - becoming a computer programmer is no more exciting (to your
average teenager) than becoming a TV engineer or a washing-machine

To make "IT interesting again" you would have to make "being a
programmer something special" again... and it's not, really,


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