[ubuntu-uk] Lost Icons

Neville Crook neville at thecrookfamily.co.uk
Sat Aug 21 16:46:47 BST 2010

 No not a new Dan Brown book but a problem with my latest update of 10.04.


I have two systems working 10.04 one on a partitioned HDD Desktop and one on
an external HDD connected to my laptop.


Both systems loaded via Wubi, the desktop does not always load cleanly but
after a couple of soft reboot manages OK. 


Now I have a further problem with the desktop.  A couple of days ago the
normal Ubuntu update manager message appeared.  When I maximised it the page
was blank.  I thought nothing of it and loaded from the menu Update Manager
and updated the recommended updates. After rebooting I noticed that a number
of the Icons in the menus had gone missing.  For instance under Graphics the
icon is there for Picasa and Open Office .org Drawing, but not Document
viewer and F-Spot viewer.


When I opened Chrome the little tab icons for closing and adding another tab
(x and +) were replaced by a red square. Firefox is not affected and whilst
I have not tried every other piece of software. This problem does not seem
to affect any other programs.  The vid driver is Nvidia accelerated graphics
driver (version current)


Whilst I have some knowledge of using Terminal I have mostly used the easy
way of adding program and trouble shooting.  The computer also has Win 7 and
this works perfectly so probably not a hardware issue.


Any ideas?






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