[ubuntu-uk] Joggler as a File server

John Stevenson john at jr0cket.com
Thu Aug 19 16:03:53 BST 2010

On 19 August 2010 09:06, Cornelius Mostert
<corneliusmostert at googlemail.com>wrote:

> Hi all
> I have my Joggler up and running for some time now, but looks like it
> freeze at lease once a day and sometimes does not reboot very well (when the
> O2 logo comes up before Ubuntu then this O2 logo look a bit fuzzy and this
> is usually a sign it will not go further with the boot.) However this is not
> my concern at this stage,
> WHAT I am looking for this time is to know how to setup a File server on
> it,
> 1. I have a powered external USB drive attached
> 2. I have tried making use of GSamba that comes installed on the Joggler
> image
> 3. Installed SWAT but could not point my Firefox to it, did not startup
> 4. Tried the Samba config tool also.
> 5. I tried to hit (from an ubuntu PC) the IP address of the joggler and can
> ping it but "connecting to a Windows Share" returned smb://..... could not
> be found/connect
> Any ideads
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Hello Comelius,
I would not have thought that a joggler was reliable enough for a file
server, unless you are doing it just for the challenge.  My joggler often
needs a reboot or just crashes

All I can add is that if you want a quiet file server, you could get an Acer
Revo 3610 - still some available at less than £200 at ebuyer:

I would be interested to hear if someone does manage to get a stable joggler
that is good enough for a file server though... and of course how you did it

Thank you.
John Stevenson
Lean Agile Consultant / Coach
jr0cket.com  |  leanagilemachine.com
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