[ubuntu-uk] Scanners & OCR

John Levin technolalia at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 22:24:27 BST 2010

On 18/08/2010 19:51, Simon Wears wrote:
> The idea would be to scan in my handwritten notes, but that would also
> involve mathematical graphs & symbols, which it may not cope with well.
> The OCR isn't as important, it would just be a nice feature. As long as
> I can make a digital copy of my notes easily it would do!
> Simon Wears
> http://MunkyJunky.com

Current state of OCR is that it's good for post-1950 printed texts, but 
pretty bad for older publications and handwriting. (I've recently been 
banging my head against 18th century texts - OCR just doesn't work there.)

No idea as to the state of dedicated handwriting recognition apps. If 
you're taking notes, why not enter them directly onto your computer?



John Levin

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