[ubuntu-uk] Scanners & OCR

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Aug 18 20:52:21 BST 2010

On 18/08/10 18:25, Simon Wears wrote:
> Heyhey everybody!
> I'm looking at investing in a scanner so I can digitise my university notes
> this coming academic year. I was wondering if anyone has a scanner they can
> recommend that works well with Ubuntu? Ideally it would be a tray-fed
> scanner, so I can put in several sheets at a time and just hit a nice big
> 'GO' button, and it would scan it all into a single PDF. Bonus points if it
> can scan both sides of the paper in one go.
> Also, has anyone tried any available OCR software for Ubuntu? It'd be great
> if I could scan in my notes into text, which would make them all searchable!
> Simon Wears
> http://MunkyJunky.com

At a slight tangent, when we come across a sign or map we need to 
refer to, when on holiday , we simply photograph it. A 3 M pixel 
camera with a close up (macro?) focus ability and a good light source 
nearby produces a very readable jpeg, and a 5 Mp camera even better.
It occurs to me that in addition to the method of digital capture, you 
will produce a lot of files, all with similar IDs. This is unlike 
notes which have an easier intuitive recognition I suspect. So also 
consider your files organisation strategy?
good luck
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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