[ubuntu-uk] Lost Wireless Connection after upgrade

John Stevenson john at jr0cket.com
Sun Aug 15 08:27:16 BST 2010

On 14 August 2010 22:44, A J Binnie <gus.binnie at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I've been running 10.04 for a while now, and everything was working
> fine until the last round of updates. Now I've completely lost my
> wireless connection. The network manager menu has gone from the
> top-right hand corner of the screen and I appear to have lost the
> ability to do anything that requires authentication. For example, if I
> try to install anything from the software centre, clicking on the
> "install" results in no action at all. Even something as simple as
> changing the time won't work.
> I can still do stuff from the command line using sudo, but I'm not
> exactly a wizard with the command line!
> Has anyone else experienced this?
> Regards,
> Gus
> Hello Gus,
As a guess this sounds like a problem with gksudo or libgksu.  Assuming you
have tried login out and back in again, if you have a wired connection try
doing a package upgrade with the command line

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Thank you.

John Stevenson
Lean Agile Consultant / Coach
jr0cket.com  |  leanagilemachine.com
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