[ubuntu-uk] BT FeatureLine Phone (again for some)

Joe O'Dell joseph.odell at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 11 21:34:57 BST 2010

Hey Everyone on the list,

I've just been provisionally given a small office at the school I attend for our school CyberMentors group, and we're going to turn it into a office as well as a mentoring room.

We're allowed use of the BT FeatureLine phone system, provided we buy the featureline phone (priced at a hefty £80 inc. VAT). 
They have stated that they won't offer support for our phone if we don't use the BT phones on the system, and as it's something that I am not familiar with in the slightest, I'm not going to be able to resolve if it something does go wrong.
(Yes, I have been told that it is possible to use a standard phone on the featureline system, as it's all programmed at the exchange, but it doesn't sit well with IT)

As a school student group, we don't make money and never will, so even buying a "Argos Value handset" is beyond our scope (yes, it seems daft with it being a fiver, but no jokes we don't have *any* money).

If you could donate a FeatureLine phone, we would be so grateful. So long as it has a power supply, we would be able to use it. It doesn't have to be the latest one, so long as it's in working condition we would be very happy :)

I'm able to pay postage,or if you fancy anything (can be more than one thing!) from my section on the SwapShop page on the London Hackspace at http://bit.ly/bW7QCQ I am happy to swap any of it :)

P.s. Some of you may have already got something similar if you are on the LHS mailing list, and I do apologise, but the auction for the really cheap BT FL phone I saw quickly went above what I could afford, and all the others are either too much or in such a bad state that it would be worthless buying it just because it was cheap.

Thank you so much,

Joe O'Dell
Joe O'Dell

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