[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Community Events Banner

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Aug 10 23:57:44 BST 2010

On 10/08/10 23:41, Alan Bell wrote:
>  From what I can see the banner itself really doesn't cost much, £23 for
> a 2ft x 5ft banner seems more than reasonable, the trouble is that just
> gets you a floppy bit of vinyl, it needs a frame with elastic dohickys
> to pull it all out. Frames seem to cost>  £100 and are quite big (hence
> needing a bigger banner) which puts it above my impulse buy threshold
> and I can't quite figure out how the size of the frame relates to the
> size of the banner (mixing imperial and metric for a start).

How thick is the vinyl?

The banner we had was probably about 1mm thick (maybe ever so slightly 
less) but it had rings around it so it could be cable tied up to things 
like railings or a fence.  Okay that might not help if you've got 
nothing to cable tie it to.

> Anyone got a bright idea on how to get or make a frame for one of these
> things?

Couple of lumps of wood in a bucket full of concrete with the banner 
cable tied to it?

(Sorry engineering isn't my strong point).


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