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Joe O'Dell joseph.odell at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 7 14:18:50 BST 2010

> I was at the presentations yesterday for the Young Rewired State
> hackweek http://rewiredstate.org/young lots of young people, including
> our very own Isabell Long throwing together applications and mashups
> based on government data
> Isabell's application GovSpark won a special prize for the app most
> likely to irritate the civil service which is great!  

The GovSpark idea is fantastic, and Isabell did really well :) Although there were cosmetic features added to by the mentors and by me, I think she deserves a round of applause (and a pink tux mouse!) for her achievements!

> Joe O'Dell was along as well, but sadly was
> too young to fully take part this year! 

Sure was! Isabell's presentation was on my laptop because she didn't want to take her new purchase into london! Next year, I will be participating!

> The event is much
> more about Open Data than Open Source, the laptop of choice for the next
> generation of technology leaders is clearly the Macbook,

Well, yes :) However, OS X (more specifically Darwin) is based on Unix, and so has *some* open-ness to it. Better than what is churned out of Redmond!

> but there were
> a number of Ubuntu laptops present (in fact the Manchester team did 20
> application demos on Tim Dobson's Ubuntu laptop).

Yes, and a lot of the work was done either using Linux (mainly Ubuntu) or open-source software (I noticed jEdit floating around somewhere, not just on my mac).

Thanks everyone that attended and supported the people like Isbaell - it was especially good to see Alan there in "Ubuntu Aubergine"!

> You forgot about TubeSmart and SociaLibrary (although I suppose I
> don't really take part that often here usually). Also, for anyone who
> thought to themselves that they'd use something like TubeSmart (the
> tube map with SVG circles on top) please pressure TfL into releasing
> the data via enquire at tfl.gov.uk or @TfLoffficial on Twitter. Thanks!

Oh yes, I nearly forgot too! (Joking!) TfL have released APIs for thigns like that (although not for crowded-ness). The people you need to get on to are data.london.gov.uk as well as TfL!

Well done everyone, and I look forward to seeing some of you next year!

Joe O'Dell

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On 7 Aug 2010, at 12:06, Alan Bell wrote:

> . JThere was a panel of judges
> including Andrew Stott, the government Director of Digital Engagement.
> The Young Rewired State will be run again next year, but they are
> looking for more sponsorship if you know an organisation interested in
> promoting technology innovation then point them in the direction of
> http://rewiredstate.org/pages/yrs-info-centres
> Alan.
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