[ubuntu-uk] Moan -- Top Posting (was "Apps for kids")

Anton Piatek anton at piatek.co.uk
Sat Aug 7 11:23:03 BST 2010

This is just becoming a personal flame war. It is time to count to 10 before

Anton Piatek

On 7 Aug 2010 11:15, "Sean Miller" <sean at seanmiller.net> wrote:
> On 7 August 2010 11:07, Tony Pursell <ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
>> I'm top posting out of spite and because I'm fed up with these
>> discussions.
> It's interesting, the way that people don't perceive Digest users
> having no ability to participate in discussions because it's
> impossible to differentiate the quoted text from the replies as an
> "issue of importance".
> "Top posting out of spite", for those people, is a bit like going and
> mugging an old lady in the street "just to prove that muggings in the
> street aren't an important issue"... hmmm... did it give you a buzz to
> "top post out of spite", Tony? Did it "make you feel a man"???
> Just a question...
> Sean
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