[ubuntu-uk] Moan -- Top Posting (was "Apps for kids")

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Aug 7 09:15:47 BST 2010

One of the "baddies" in this whole discussion is, indeed, Google...
because GMail does this "show quoted text"/"hide quoted text" thing.

So people don't even notice the myriad of information they are
appending to their messages, because Google "conveniently filters it
out"... problem is, when you're on a text e-mail client etc. it is all
too obvious, and when you're on a Digest mail it is just absolutely
impossible to work out what the hell is going on at all.

I disagree with Joe that this conversation is "off topic" or
"irrevelant to the mailing list"... it is not Ubuntu-specific, but it
is VERY "relevant to the mailing list" as it affects the way that the
mailing list operates.  I have changed the subject of the message to
be quite clear when I initiated the conversation, I have not hijacked
the Kids PC thread, so I don't see the problem.

And we have yet to get the opinions of a large percentage of the group.


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