[ubuntu-uk] Moan -- Top Posting (was "Apps for kids")

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Aug 7 08:54:07 BST 2010

On 7 August 2010 08:44, Joe O'Dell <joseph.odell at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Excuse Me? He never ONCE said "I can't be bothered to cut from this second
> window".

Well, he effectively did... he said that there were two windows... and
to reply without top posting he'd probably have to click something in
the second, then gaily signing off "and I bet this will top post"
which, of course, it did...

> Sometimes there are technical issues which mean that it is hard to no
> top-post, and I do not think that it is much of a problem.

I have illustrated in my previous e-mail exactly why it is a problem -
especially for those on Digest option.

> What, emails 200+ lines long like yours?

If I write 200+ lines it's content, and it IS the e-mail.  Not 180
lines of quotes from the 7 one-line messages (with attribution) that
have gone before.

> People do it occasionally because they can't due to issues, because they are
> in a rush or because they just don't want to.

If they are in SO much of a rush that they can't spend an extra 30
seconds clearing out the junk then I suggest they wait until they're
less busy to reply.

If they "just don't want to" then they are failing to comply with the
guidelines, and it is perfectl right that I (or others) take them to
task in that regard.

> Oh, so you wanted to stir it up?

No, I wanted to initiate a discussion - to get views from those such
as yourself.

> And yes, a private email would have been better, as the person in question
> probably didn't want their email exploded across all four corners of the
> Ubuntu UK Mailing List.

I wasn't aware that the distribution of my reply was any different to
the distribution of the original post - is it?

> You do realise that we, mailing list users, equate for less than 25% of
> people worldwide - they are not going to make a special mailing list
> function for a phone for something like the iPhone, because there is not a
> high enough demand.

I completely disagree!!  Most of the folks developing for the iPhone
are on mailing lists themselves.   Community etc. is a large part of
these OS's marketing strategies... maybe they're unaware that there
are people on the Ubuntu list "blaming their phones for their own lack
of regard for others" and would like the opportunity to respond?


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