[ubuntu-uk] 10/10/10 installfests

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Thu Aug 5 20:23:27 BST 2010

> So we talked a while back about doing some installfest type activities
> on 10/10/10 I have been drafting a little poster idea together, you can
> see it here:
> http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/uuk/installfest2.pdf
> The idea is to get a bunch of these printed up (on a real CMYK offset
> litho printer) and distributed so each installfest organiser would get
> plenty (where 10<plenty<50 ) to be overprinted on a normal laser printer
> with the venue and time.
> I would really like comments on the poster design and in particular,
> corrections to the text on it. Also, if you want to help run an
> installfest (even if you have no idea of a venue etc.) please start
> making yourself known, I am only going to get them printed up if enough
> people want to take them.
I have been following this with lots of interest and. although I am
unable physically to take part, the idea is great. I was wondering if it
would be an idea to add something somewhere to bring to the notice of
possible participants that Ubuntu is not just an operating system but a
whole lot of useful applications as well. After all, a free operating
system is one thing but free software such as Openoffice is quite a


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