[ubuntu-uk] Lenovo N500 will not load Ubuntu

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Wed Aug 4 20:22:56 BST 2010

> P.S.: It passed a memory test lasting an hour which I ran from GRUB
> yesterday morning, before and after which it could not load Ubuntu. So
> to me that suggests something other than a hardware issue; hence my
> thoughts about the file directory 'disintegrating' at a software level,
> as Al warned might happen at some future point after my foray into sudo
> nautilus several months ago.  
Sorry to diappoint, but a 1 hour memory test proves nothing. To 
thoroughly test memory, you've got to do AT LEAST a dozen passes of memtest.
I've repeatedly seen RAM work fine on memtest for 7/8/9 passes (taking 
up to a hour per pass) then fail.
Generally if I suspect RAM these days I let it run for 24 hours to make 
sure it's OK.


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