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Yes, I know - I shouldn't rant either cos I'm an NGO and not supposed to
be political ;)

Maybe the answer for an org like Canonical (who'd be noticed!) is to be
extremely careful picking issues and to ensure that the issue is the
legitimacy of Ubuntu/FOSS - it could be useful to focus on the software
industry attempting to classify FOSS as a breach of proper maintenance
of copyright law (as discussed here recently). That's factually
erroneous, a blatant attempt to disadvantage a legitimate competitor,
and thus an equally legit ('non-political') target? At the very least, I
think it'd be useful if it's clear that there isn't agreement across the
board within the software industry on this point. Canonical isn't the
only software company with an interest in OS either?

I think it's fine for Canonical to be lobbying for the interests of FOSS
- transparently - and thus set a responsible example? I think there
could well be some associated corporate responsibility issues in there
which could positively enhance Canonical's profile? Taking a stand for
openness both in terms of software licensing but also in trying to
ensure a level playing field within the software industry would be
totally appropriate?


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Bruce Beardall wrote:
> I've got it, too. I think it's difficult and uncertain territory for
> something like Canonical to get involved in and free software supporters run
> the risk of being painted even more like anarchists by raising our voices
> but I think not doing so risks a number of the freedoms we rely on in being
> able to push the FLOSS agenda. The question is: How do we avoid advocacy
> fatigue?
> Cheers
> Bruce
> On 12 April 2010 12:28, paula at fossbox.org.uk <paula at fossbox.org.uk> wrote:
>> Just got a mail from 38 Degrees (don't know who else got one). They're
>> embarking on a campaign against lobbying which is the most sensible
>> course of action I can think of for those who want to continue to take
>> action about this:
>> http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/speakout/PPCDEBlobbying
>> This isn't just about the DEB, it's about democratic process (such as it
>> is) being replaced by corporate 'lettres de cachet'.
>> Paula
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