[ubuntu-uk] Karmic upgrade this morning

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Sep 30 11:09:06 BST 2009

Johnathon Tinsley wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> Sean Miller wrote:
>> Maybe it's time to upgrade my Ubuntu to Karmic... hmmm....
>> Any wireless issues I should know about?
> I've not seen any, but the rule is, do not use development releases on
> production systems, 'cos they break stuff. (He says, working on his
> computer which is running Karmic. It broke, perfect time to reinstall it
> with karmic ;) )
> I've not noticed anything serious going wrong. Few bugs with my
> dual-screening graphics, but apart from that it seems pretty solid.
> Still, the old 'not for production use' label still applies, so you
> can't complain if they break something..
> Best regards,
> Johnathon
I have found a couple of stability issues but to be honest I was 
expecting that.  Certainly not bad problems anyway.  I'm undecided 
though about what to do about a couple of upcoming Ubuntu installs.  I'm 
not sure if I should stick with 9.04 and then upgrade them to 9.10 when 
it's released or hang fire until the final release of 9.10 is released 
(one install is for my dad so he can try Ubuntu, and the other is for a 
charity who are in need of the PC as soon as possible).


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