[ubuntu-uk] Throw a release party to get free software.

doug livesey biot023 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 16:38:21 BST 2009

How do you see apple as a threat?
I can see them as a challenge, and something to raise the game for
free OS developers, but a threat?
Do you mean that they are practicing seriously monopolistic practices?
(Serious question, btw, not trying to start a flame war.)

On 05/09/2009, Tim Dobson <lists at tdobson.net> wrote:
> Matt Jones wrote:
>> I wonder where they got this idea from?
>> http://houseparty.com/windows7
> Apple?
> In all seriousness, I was thinking of "throwing" a windows 7 release
> party (in my windows free house) and sending them home with a karmic CD...
> Tbh though, I don't really care about microsoft these days, I see Apple
> as much more of a threat because they have user loyalty.
> Tim
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