[ubuntu-uk] Karmic dual monitor problems...

tim.rittman at doctors.org.uk tim.rittman at doctors.org.uk
Fri Oct 30 16:28:38 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Good to hear lots of people are having no problems with karmic. Unfortnately I've hit a big problem. I use two monitors as two separate X servers using a geforce GTS8600 graphics card. This was working well under jaunty, but only one screen is now supported under karmic.

I've filed a bug and it looks like at least one other person has had problems with a similar card. I wonder if anyone else has struggled with this.

I've switched to debian in the meantime, but having resolution issues there!

How many people out there use dual monitors? Is the general poor support for dual monitors a conequence of the closed source nature of the graphics drivers? I would ideally like to use kde, but this doesn't support dual screens at all.

Any comments?



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