[ubuntu-uk] Setting Up an Ubuntu network?

Liam Wilson liamwilson93 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 08:33:53 GMT 2009

Cheers rob,

But what I was really looking for was a way to set up a network between my
laptop and my netbook without having to use samba, and cut the XP machine
Because I know that Linux doesn't need to use samba to create a network
between two comps using Ubuntu, I just don't know how to set that up, if you
get me?

Like, now I have samba installed, I can see each ubuntu powered laptops
Windows shares, but I need to transfer large amounts of data from one to the
other (20GiB at once) and I've found that using samba, this doesn't really
work well, so I was looking for a way to do this over a Linux network, not a
windows one.


2009/10/30 Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk>

> Liam Wilson wrote:
> > Hey, I have 2 computers Running Ubuntu 9.04 (soon to be 9.10) Thing is,
> > ones a laptop, and the others a netbook running UNR. They're currently
> > connected to a XP server via Samba, But I'd like to set up a Linux
> > network between the laptop and the netbook, with the Laptop as the
> client.
> >
> > How would I go about this, as I know nothing of Ubuntu networking.
> >
> > Many thanks;
> >
> > Liam
> >
> Well if you want to be able to access the files from the XP machine I'd
> suggest using Samba.  What you can do is right click on a folder (for
> instance your home folder) and select Sharing Options.  You can then
> specify what name to give the share, what users can access the share and
> if guests are allowed to access the share.  You will probably be asked
> for your password so Ubuntu can install Samba to enable the file sharing
> (if it isn't already installed).
> Then from your other Linux machine try either of the following:
> 1. Click on the Places menu (on the top menu bar) and select Network
> which will open a window and hopefully pop up a Windows Network icon.
> 2. Double click on the Windows Network icon and a list of work groups
> (or domains) will appear.  This might be something like WORKGROUP or
> 3. Double click on one of these work groups (you may only have one, if
> so, just double click on it).
> 4. A list of machines should appear.  Double click on the desired machine.
> 5. You should get a list of shares (such as shared drives, shared
> folders or shared printers).  Double click on what you want to access.
> 6. You may be prompted for a password, if so, enter your username and
> password.  You can tell the machine to forget the password immediately,
> remember it for as long as you're logged on (the current session) or
> remember it permanently.
> 7.  Access your files :-)
> or you can add the network drives as bookmarks.  To do this, try the
> following:
> 1. Click on the Places menu (on the top menu bar) and then select
> 'Connect to Server...'
> 2. A box should appear asking for some connection details.  Change the
> Service Type to Windows Share.  Enter the name of the machine you want
> to connect to in the server name box, the shared folder/drive you want
> to connect to in the share box, and your username in the username box.
> You can leave the domain box empty.  If you want to save the connection,
> click the Add a bookmark option and enter a bookmark name.
> 3. Click Connect and then you should be prompted for a password.  You
> can if you want save the password so the machine remembers it.
> 4. If you chose the option to add a bookmark, if you look under the
> Places menu at Bookmarks, you should see the bookmark for the network
> connection.  If you have a few bookmarks you may see a Bookmarks
> sub-menu which if you click on will show all your bookmarks.
> Hopefully this should work, I've just been running back and forth
> between my laptop which is running a Jaunty Live CD and my other half's
> PC which I'm writing this on so there may be slight errors there, but
> hopefully it'll help you figure it out.  I'm not sure if the menu
> options are different on UNR as I haven't really played with it much,
> but hopefully if it is different it won't be that much different.
> Rob
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