[ubuntu-uk] Karmic screen resolution problems

Les Cunningham les.cunningham at mypostoffice.co.uk
Fri Oct 30 00:04:22 GMT 2009

I have installed Karmic alongside Jaunty on a computer with an Intel
graphics chipset, but in Karmic the screen resolution is limited to 800
x 600. Are there still problems with the Intel graphics driver? Is
there an easy way to revert to an earlier version which will give the
same screen resolution that I get in Jaunty, which is 1152 x 864? I do
have some reason to suspect that there might be a hardware problem, as I 
think I was getting a slightly higher resolution than that until the 
display threw a wobbly a few months ago.

Also,I am surprised to find that GRUB takes much longer to load than before.

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