[ubuntu-uk] 9.10 released

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Oct 29 16:04:48 GMT 2009

James Milligan wrote:
> Per torrent I'm getting ~150 a piece for desktop and server, whilst 
> it's around 50-80 for the alternate ISO.
> James
I got up to 600KB/sec, although I've stopped it for a minute so I can...

<puts on flame retardant jacket>

...download Windows 7

<runs and hides>

My other half is a student (well technically, she still has a student 
e-mail account) and at £30 I thought it was too good to miss upgrading 
her PC from Windows XP.  I have tried to convince her to use Ubuntu 
although she's not having any of it.  Maybe now 9.10 has been released I 
could maybe convince her.

When Windows 7 has finished downloading I'll continue with Ubuntu and 
leave it seeding for a bit (albeit slowly as I don't want to be hit by 
the fair usage on Virgin, although after 9pm I'll leave it seeding all 
night at 70KB/sec or so to do my bit).


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