[ubuntu-uk] Karmic networking broken

John Levin technolalia at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 15:59:06 GMT 2009

On 27/10/2009 12:31, Daniel Drummond wrote:

> This is due to the inclusion of drive monitoring tools in Karmic.  They
> weren't present in Jaunty, which is why you only found out when you
> installed Karmic.  I've had a warning up about one of my drives, but it
> is pretty much brand new, and hasn't been used much.  Looking at the
> report it gave me makes me think it isn't on it's last legs, but the
> values being reported by the hard drive are not very accurate.

What tools are these? And are they available for Jaunty, if not 
installed by default? OS X has something similar (the name escapes me 
atm) which has saved my proverbial bacon before.



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