[ubuntu-uk] Karmic networking broken

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 12:23:24 GMT 2009

Matt Daubney wrote:
> I've been running Karmic since about Alpha 5 and had very few problems. The
> RC (on the 3 machines I'm running anyway) seems to be quite stable. The
> performance improvements are quite startling, especially the boot time on
> my laptop. 
> If you have found some problems, make sure you report bugs! The next
> release is an LTS so should be by far more stable on release.
> -Matt Daubney
Same here.  Only big problem I had was with Flash but after a bit of 
Googling I found a fix for that.

I'd say since the Alphas (I think I used Alpha 4 or 5 first) it is 
getting progressively quicker and prettier.  When the full version is 
released I'm going to give my laptop a complete reinstall and probably 
go completely over to ext4 too.

One thing I was wondering though, when I login, Firefox pops up with an 
Ubuntu One/Launchpad login page.  Is there any way of stopping this 
popping up every time?


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