[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu on the BBC!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 12:09:14 GMT 2009

Sean Miller wrote:
> Why do none of these programmes ever mention Wine?
> It's simply not true that you can't run Microsoft programs on Ubuntu
> -- is the BBC sponsored by Apple and Microsoft or what???
> Sean
Well wine isn't perfect.  A fair few applications don't work very well 
or not at all, so it's not really a perfect solution.  Dual booting with 
Windows or running Windows in a virtual machine would probably be the 
better solution.

But on the other hand, I guess it is worth mentioning that iTunes works 
on CrossOver (although not owning an iPod, I haven't a clue which 
version works and if it's compatible with the latest iPods and iPhones).


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