[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu on the BBC!!!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 12:04:48 GMT 2009

Lucy wrote:
> 2009/10/27 Philip Stubbs <philip at stuphi.co.uk>:
>> 2009/10/21 James Milligan <lake54 at lake54.com>:
>>> Did anyone else watch BBC News this morning?
>>> Whilst showing off Windows 7, the tech correspondent showed a Mac with
>>> Safari open on ubuntu.com
>>> Didn't actually mention the name etc, but said about other OSes.
>>> James
>> I have not had time to read it yet,
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8326264.stm?ls
> It's good. There's a 3 minute interview with someone from Canonical.
> Would have been nicer if it'd been a little bit longer. They just
> about explained what open source was and gave a tour of the OS. It was
> also mentioned that you couldn't run Windows or Mac OS programs on it,
> but didn't mention that there are usually equivalent programs
> available (while it's a good thing to say, I don't remember such a big
> emphasis when Macs are discussed). Unfortunately, I think Ubuntu
> looked a little sad on screen compared to the latest shiney Windows
> release; I'm looking forward to an improved default theme and a revamp
> of Gnome.
Yes, as much as I like the new themes on Ubuntu (and it briefly showed 
Compiz switching desktops) maybe they could have chosen a different 
desktop background.

They also referred to a PC as a Windows PC, and referred to Ubuntu as an 
Ubuntu Computer.  It's almost as if it would make people think they 
needed to buy a whole new computer.  I would have liked it if they had 
mentioned that it will run on a PC or modern Mac alongside your existing 
copy of MacOS X or Windows.

Still it's a start.  I would have liked if they could have mentioned 
that it's possible to get it free from www.ubuntu.com on CD.
> I'm thinking we should invite BBC people to the many launch parties
> that are happening this week! Theydo  seem to be really trying to be
> balanced and informative.
Sounds like a good idea.  Later on this week I'm going to be finishing 
off a PC for a local charity which should get some newspaper coverage.  
The PC is running Ubuntu (it'll be running Karmic, it's running 9.04 at 
the moment) and I'm hopefully going to be able to mention that the Devon 
& Cornwall LUG are happy to help folks get Ubuntu installed on their PCs.


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