[ubuntu-uk] Karmic networking broken

John Levin technolalia at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 09:39:10 GMT 2009

On 27/10/2009 08:47, LeeGroups wrote:
>> I also had similar problems. Disabled IPv6 in Firefox. It's very bad
>> that this bug is present so close to release. I hope that this is
>> sorted before Thursday.
>> Personally I have found Karmic to be pretty much unusable on both
>> machines I tested it on. :-(
> On the other hand, I've installed Karmic on one laptop, a Dell Latitude
> D351, a couple of years old I think.
> It installed without any issues, found the wireless card, had a little
> moan about lack of open source drivers and installed a closed source one.
> Everything works, 64bit too. The only thing I had to do manually was
> download 64bit Flash and unzip it to the right directory.
> Superb.
> My only gripe, is that the top toolbar icons look a bit, err, dated...

I've now gone back to Jaunty. This is the first time that any Ubuntu 
version hasn't got online "out of the box" for me. Very disappointing.


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