[ubuntu-uk] Only asking on Educational basis!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Oct 23 15:56:25 BST 2009

Rik Boland wrote:
> Spotify is letting people listen to their fav tracks, this is great!
> Surely this mean that you are able to capture these song and save them 
> on one's hard drive.  Would this not be a problem and is there open 
> source software to achieve this?
> Shalom
I'd have thought you could probably use something like Audacity (or a 
command line application, maybe arecord) to capture the audio as long as 
your sound card has an internal mixer (most do, unfortunately my laptop 
doesn't).  You'd have to turn off system sounds though (such as e-mail 
notification jingles, beeps, dings etc as they would get recorded too).


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