[ubuntu-uk] Karmic RC updates

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Thu Oct 22 14:43:31 BST 2009

On Thu Oct 22 14:22:39 +0100 2009 Nick wrote:
> Anybody got an idea when the Karmic RC update files will hit the repo's,
> I am running the beta and expected a large update today, but as of 14:21
> there are no updates yet.

I think you misunderstand the process somewhat.

We slow down updates when trying to release a snapshot, releasing a known
good state from a moving target is very difficult.

Releasing something solid isn't going to happen by dropping all the changes
in at the last minute.

We froze for RC last Thursday, and have been working to fix critical bugs
since then. We are going through the last steps of testing all the images
and checking all is ready, and then the RC will be released. Therefore
if you are up to date it is likely that you are running what will be
released as the RC. Until the release is announced we may find a critical
problem and have to start over again though.

So, looking for a large number of updates is the wrong thing to do, you
should really be looking for the point when everything stops :-).

We'll be doing all this testing over again on Tuesday/Wednesday next
week, and anyone is welcome to help with that. It's not that difficult,
and really helps the process run smoothly, plus, you can have the final
release images before anyone else :-). See


for information on how to help.



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