[ubuntu-uk] IBM & Ubuntu - but what about Lotus?

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Wed Oct 21 10:53:45 BST 2009

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mac wrote:
> I guess you may have seen this interesting development:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10/20/ibm_canonical_ubuntu_lotus_us_package/
> The mention of the Lotus suite made me wonder if any of us have tried 
> it, and could give an opinion.  I've thought about trying it out, but 
> the reviews have been a bit off-putting.

Lotus samart suite supports open document formats which is a big plus.
> Anyone got recent experiences of Lotus + Ubuntu to share?
> mac
What we need when this gets of the ground is easy access to appropriate
marketing materials,  there is a 2x a4 size brochure thing for ubuntu
server 8.04 i think, but its getting hold of it well ok its downloadable
but then printed at home (on an a4 printer) it looks unprofessional.  I
have tried to print the discover ubuntu 6 page brochure off but it looks
 unprofessional single sided and on thin paper (sorry best I can do on
low budget) fine for say friends,  but for business / schools I don't
think so.

If we could get hold of such materials easily,  we could really really
push this take the scenario

talk to someone about oss
they say they need exchange

with this development you can say that you will forward on some
information,  and forward a brochure with the above info (INCLUDING
PRICES)  it looks nice, professional and something the business
community will take seriously.

same would go for just general literature,  I am not knocking what the
community come up with,  but MS don't have their users come up with
marketing materials,  they have a budget and people to do this,   As IBM
has a lot of money perhaps they could look in to this.

I don't mind paying a few ££ in postage to get something that looks
impressive,  do that we may start moving forward from a geeks OS (see
BBC post) to something where we are seen as serious.

Add to this the need for training so people can do courses so they have
the right skills for support is also important,  I am in devon, would be
nice to see some sort of investment in torbay at least for this sort of
thing,  proper training,  for staff + technical people up to say LPI
ubuntu,  wit the ability to do the IBM stuff on top of it,  LOCALLY,
right now people think no one lives down this side of Bristol.


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