[ubuntu-uk] Networking.....

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Oct 15 22:43:59 BST 2009

John Matthews wrote:
> Hi I am trying to get my Laptop to see the windows partition and the pc 
> and netbook, but it wont mount. How can I set up networking?
> John.
You're trying to get the laptop to see the Windows partition on the 
laptop or another PC?

If it's on the laptop itself then it should appear on Places.  For 
instance my Vista partition appears under Places as a 63GB Filesystem.

If you click on Network on the Places menu what do you get?

On my laptop I get an icon for my laptop and also a Windows Network 
icon.  Double clicking on the Windows Network icon comes up with some 
more icons work the workgroups on my network and going into one of these 
icons displays icons for the machines in the workgroup.


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