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Peter Adam Kelly peter at thatwilldo.com
Mon Oct 12 01:08:51 BST 2009


hot wire and split like an egg ;) well to be honest, i haven't done a
standard notebook battery pack for a while and I'm always losing touch
with whats modern and whatnot, the last battery hack i did was to
build a DJ a mobile flight case system.

i am more than willing to check up on the cells type just to make sure
for you that's its a goer!! and if it is,,, i would fit the cells for
you if you like.

its really not that hard its just a case of getting the numbers right
maybe even limiting yourself to a homebrew desktop charger,,, I have
no idea if its a good idea or not, and i cant guarantee the outcome or
even if its safe,,, but you can even add extra lil components to the
battery pack just to guard against any surprises lol,,,, but it can
work surprisingly ;)

I am sure there are lots of people that will tell you not to do such
things but i find that's half the fun lol email me privately if you
want to.

peter at thatwilldo.com and yes the domain name is inspired by the art of
bodging lol

2009/10/11 LeeGroups <mailgroups at varga.co.uk>:
> its always fun to brew your own,, crack that thing open!! iv
> reconditioned several now with new cells,, works a charm on the models
> iv done ;)
> Now, I've been thinking the same thing about an Eee PC battery I have, but
> for the life of me I can't see how to get into it without damaging the
> battery case!
> Any clues?
> Lee
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Peter Adam Kelly

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